Active Content Removal

2017 policy compliant
No active content

We offer great features on listings
without any use of active content

What is eBay’s new active content policy?

Active content includes the use of Javascript, Flash, dynamic widgets & plugins, and form actions. In simple terms, any element in your code that runs scripts & performs actions on the page is classified as active content. Here are some examples of the use of active content:

  • Flash animations on your listing
  • Dynamic multiple item images in the description
  • Top navigation drop-down category menus
  • Item specific feedback widgets
  • Buy It Now, Watch Item buttons in the listing description template
  • Items cross-promotion widgets
  • Shipping calculators based on postcode entries
  • Custom store search bars
  • Dynamic display of store categories in the listing description

Why is eBay getting rid of active content?

The use of active content in listings, including JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins and form actions, can negatively impact the user experience by inhibiting mobile purchasing, increasing page load times, and increasing security vulnerabilities

Improving customers’ mobile experience is perhaps the biggest motivator here, with 58% of eBay sales involving at least one visit from a mobile device at some point during the customer journey. Many active content elements (in particular those using Flash) fail to load correctly, or at all, on mobile devices, providing an inferior and potentially frustrating user experience which can cost sales. Removing active content can speed up page load times.

The impact of speed should also not be overlooked, with research showing that 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Removing active content can speed up page load times and therefore is likely to lead to people staying on listings longer, increasing their chances of making a purchase.

There is also a concern that active content can lead to security issues, such as introducing malware to pages which can then infect the devices of eBay users. It is not clear how serious a problem this has been to date, but with increasing concerns about online security threats, it is unsurprising that eBay is keen to reduce the possibility for any such issues on their platform.

We offer the following great features on listings without any use of active content